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Boeing Swings 747-8 Gear

Boeing has successfully completed initial gear swing tests on the first 747-8, marking a major milestone in the ground systems and function test phase.

The initial actuation test was completed on Sep 10. The aircraft, RC501, is expected to be lowered off the jacks later today so that the main gear door load tests can get underway.

Boeing is also conducting tests of a drain system built into the engine struts which is designed to prevent potentially flammable fluids accumulating in the pylon attaching the engine to the wing. However all four of the struts connecting the new GE GEnx-2B engines are believed to have failed this test when attempted on Sep 10, and engineering work is underway to rectify the issue so the test can be repeated.

The strut drain system on earlier 747s was the subject of an FAA airworthiness directive applicable to GE CF6-powered models in 2003. The AD called for inspections, checks and replacements where needed to "prevent leaking fuel line couplings, chafed fuel lines, restricted or clogged strut drain lines, fluids or vapors migrating to ignition sources, and flashback of external flame into the strut, which could result in uncontained engine strut fire."

Boeing also continues to work toward door rigging test of the ram air turbine (RAT), the drop-down unit which is designed to feed additional hydraulic power to the 747-8 in the event of a main hydraulic system loss.

Boeing last hoped to perform the RAT door tests earlier this week, but engineering sources now say the tests won't even be attempted until Monday Sept. 14 at the earliest.

Fonte: Aviationweek.

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